My wildest dream

Confession time.

Have you ever wanted to be the main role in a fantasy story?

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and change some disastrous event?

Have you ever wanted to possess a super power to save the world?

Have you ever wished you were schizophrenic so you could have a more … ‘colorful’ life?

I have. I am dying to. I am so sick and tired of this freaking insipid life. What is the point of growing up, finding a job and being responsible? What is the point of falling in love and getting married? After all, you only have one life; and that life should be used wisely.

I am a writer, live and write like a maniac. I cannot have a life I want in reality, but that life has to exist under my pen.

I cut myself to find inspiration.

I crashed a car to describe an accident.

I will do whatever it takes to make my desire come true.

Maybe I am crazy. Maybe I just need some catastrophes to wake me up from this insanity.

Welcome to my wildest dream.


Chapter 1